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What are the different types of web hosting services?


If you are looking for the best web hosting in Pakistan then you have landed in the right place. In this post we have gathered information about the most commonly used web hosting services.

An important thing that you need to know is that different types of websites need different types of web hosting plans. Sites with low traffic have a different requirement whereas sites having more visitors, pages, content have a different requirement when it comes to getting the best host. Below we have discussed some of the commonly used hosting services by different sites.

Most Common Hosting and theirdifference:

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting in Pakistan is one of the most commonly used hosting plans. You must know that this kind of https://www.webanchor.net/ is considered to be best for small websites that include blogs and startups. Shared hosting can be obtained at a low cost plan which is why you can see that almost every starter website would get this one. You can find the cheapest domain and hosting in Pakistan from where you can get shared plans.

WordPress Hosting:

Now this is another important type of hosting that you should know about. You need to get this hosting plan if you are planning on building a WordPress website. WordPress sites can use the managed hosting platform as it helps the site go live and also it takes care of updates, backups and cache of your website. Managed WordPress web hosting in Pakistan also helps you focus on creating the best content for your site.

Cloud Hosting:

A new method of website hosting known as cloud hosting has also been gaining major popularity in the past few years. Cloud hosting has some similarities with VPS hosting in that you are buying “virtual” server space, however where cloud hosting differs is the fact that instead of one server you have access to multiple different servers. These servers may be spread over vast distances thus reducing any latency issues that occur over major distances.

Cloud hosting also has an advantage over VPS hosting in terms of redundancy, if one server goes down it will not majorly impact your website due to server resources being so widespread.

Reseller hosting:

Perhaps you want access to highly sophisticated servers or maybe you even want to start your own web hosting business, if so reseller hosting would be the way to go. Reseller hosting is similar ,system wise, to shared hosting but the owner is given more advanced control of the server space he has purchased.

With this higher degree of management you can further rent out chunks of your own allotted server space to other websites. This means server cost is shared and it isn't an extreme investment that you have to dig deep for.

Most Common Hosting Servers:

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting which is also known as virtual private server hosting is one of the best hosting services you can get today. Other than taking your site online this service also helps you manage large traffic spikes. You must know that with VPS hosting you are going to get a private server for your site. This server can be managed from your hosting control panel. So with this kind of hosting you can get both low cost shared hosting which would take you live and dedicated resources. There are many hosting providers who can offer you hosting as well as help you register domain name Pakistan.

Dedicated Hosting:

If you are planning on buying an expensive .pk domain for a big site then you need to get dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting which dedicates an entire server for your site. You would get all the benefits and resources of the server which you had to share in other plans. In dedicated hosting plans you would also get advanced tools for easy server management and your own operating system.

These are some of the best web hosting in Pakistan services that you can get for your site!



Now it is pretty clear which hosting should chose according to your project. If you are looking hosting for your softwarehouse go for unlimited hosting, If you are new developer and looking for cheap hosting go for budget hosting or shared hosting, as it WordPress hosting is best for WordPress development.

As part from hosting you site has huge traffic load I recommend you go for VPS or Dedicated Server. They are specially designed for the huge site and traffic loads.

With such a wide variety of different services shown to you it has to be understood that the ultimate selection very heavily depends upon your own needs and requirements. Therefore it is recommended you understand exactly what you desire out of your website and have a clear goal regarding its purpose.This way you can select the best service.



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