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When it comes to buying hoodies for yourself or your brand, there are certain things that you should keep in your mind. Custom hoodies bulk suppliers make hoodies in various materials and designs for their clients, but you should check certain things like fabric and quality before buying them.

Hoodies are one of the most used clothing pieces; whether you are an adult or a child, everybody has hoodies in their wardrobe. Hoodies are warm and cozy and are your best friend in the winters. There are breathable and provide insulation at low temperatures. 

If you are creating your brand and want to source hoodies, this article can help you choose the best hoodies for your brand. We will discuss multiple things you should pay attention to before buying hoodies. You should remember the following things before buying hoodies for yourself or your brand.

Check For The Material Used In Hoodies

Custom hoodies manufactures bulk suppliers use various fabrics to make hoodies, but Fleece and French terry have dominated this market. You should see the fabric's quality and see the fabric's composition as well. Both are knit fabrics, and suppliers make them in cotton or polyester/cotton blends. Both fabrics have pros and cons, so choose the fabric wisely.

100% cotton hoodies are more soft and comfortable, but as time passes, like any other cotton garments, they will start shrinking. The colors will also fade away as you keep on washing these hoodies. On the other hand, polyester/cotton hoodies are more durable and can outlive 100% cotton hoodies. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is not prone to wrinkling and shrinking. 

Combining cotton and polyester brings the best of both of these fabrics, so most custom hoodies bulk suppliers tend to go for polyester/cotton blends. You should choose the fabric for your hoodies as per the qualities you are looking for in the hoodies.

Check The Quality Of Printing And Embroidery

The next thing to focus on is checking the quality of the customizations. There are a lot of customizations that custom hoodies bulk suppliers use in the hoodies, like embroidery, screen printing, DTG, DTF, Sublimation, etc.

When checking the embroidery, look for loose threads and the thread count. If you see any loose threads, you should not buy these hoodies. When it comes to screen printing, look for the quality of the colors and check if the colors bleed upon washing. If you are sourcing hoodies for your brands, don't forget to check by using hot water.

The sublimated hoodies don't bleed or fade away but look for if the design is appropriately pasted on the hoodies. Also, check that there are not any blank places in the hoodies. DTG and DTF don't bleed and fade quickly, so you don't have to worry about anything but check the printing quality by looking for any blank places.

Checking The Overall Build Quality

This is probably an essential thing to check when it comes to checking the quality of the hoodies. If the quality of stitching is not alright, then there is no point in buying the hoodies and if you are trying to create your brand, request samples before placing an order with a custom hoodies bulk supplier.

Following are some things you should look for before buying customized hoodies.

  • Check all the seams of the hoodies for any loose threads. Check from inside and outside to check the quality; this will tell you a lot about a manufacturer's reputation.
  • Check for any missing stitches in all of the seams. Check this throughout the hoodie and ensure that all the seams are uniform.
  • Check for any wrinkles around all of the seams.
  • Check for the shape and check if the left and right sides are the same and if there is no deformity in shape.
  • Check these points before buying hoodies for yourself or your brand.

Searching For Custom Hoodies Bulk Suppliers

If you are looking for custom hoodies bulk suppliers, then you should choose Duskoh. They make premium quality hoodies for various brands and wholesalers. They make fully customized apparel and provide a wide range of customization options for your hoodies.


Whether you want an Itachi hoodie, layered look hoodie, navy blue hoodie, scarface hoodie, or a star wars hoodie, they can make all kinds of custom hoodies for your brand.

You can check their website at www.duskoh.com and send them inquiries at info@duskoh.com or WhatsApp on 00923117650528.

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