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10 Must-See IDO Launchpads For 2024

10 Must-See IDO Launchpads For 2024

Launchpads are specialized platforms that assist ambitious blockchain projects, and they have established a distinct market. Their principal roles center on two important goals: obtaining capital and increasing the exposure of new initiatives. Launchpads offer entrepreneurs a regulated and structured platform to present their tokens to possible investors, working within the parameters of clearly defined token sales such as Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

This strategy differs greatly from conventional fundraising techniques such as initial public offerings (IPOs). Projects use the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to directly interact with a worldwide pool of cryptocurrency lovers, bypassing middlemen and intricate restrictions. In turn, investors have access to early-stage businesses that are full of potential. They frequently use well-established digital assets like Ethereum (ETH) to purchase a stake in these exciting projects. Thus, launchpads serve as a link between the cryptosphere and the outside world, enabling seamless funding and developing a more open and accessible financial ecosystem.

2024's Top 10 IDO Launchpads

Launchpads for Initial Decentralized Offerings (IDOs) have become essential platforms for early-stage enterprises looking to raise money and engage with investors in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Selecting the best launchpad might be overwhelming, as there are hundreds to choose from. The top 10 IDO development services launchpads for 2024 are shown below, each with special emphasis and strengths of their own.

1. Polkastarter

Polkastarter, a seasoned player in the IDO market since 2020, has a solid platform devoted to Polkadot and Ethereum projects. Their history of success speaks for itself, as evidenced by projects like SuperVerse and Wilder World, which live up to their reputation as carefully chosen, excellent undertakings. Polkastarter is valued by investors due to:

  • Verified Performance History: A lengthy track record of triumphant launches fosters trust and assurance.
  • Selection of Diverse Projects: Beyond the commotion, they carefully select projects in their selected ecosystems spanning DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi.
  • Thorough Due Diligence: Every business passes a stringent screening procedure to guarantee investors access to possibilities with strong backing.

However, there are a few possible disadvantages:

  • Charges: Comparing participation to more recent platforms, it can be more expensive.
  • Emphasis on Well-Established Chains: The Ethereum and Polkadot concentration may cause them to overlook developing ecosystems.
  • Restricted Entry: Some IDOs limit access to certain investors by giving preference to those on their whitelist.

Achievements in Project Management

  • Acala Network (ACA) has raised $28 million in funding.
  • Moonbeam Network (GLMR) has raised $23 million in funding.
  • Fundraising for Parallel Finance (PAR): $19 million
  • Funds raised: $14 million for Unido (UDO).

2. Maker of DAO

In order to serve a broader spectrum of investors, DAO Maker promotes accessibility and inclusivity in the IDO market by providing a variety of participation tiers and forms. Their subsidiary, BullStarter, has drawn investors looking for early-stage prospects by assisting in the launch of high-potential startups like Bloktopia and Monsta Infinite. Why do investors swarm to DAO Maker?

  • Democratic Access: Diverse investment levels can be involved through different participation tiers.
  • Emphasis on Initial Stage Businesses: They actively look for projects that have great potential for growth before the general public does.
  • Platform Driven by the Community: A strong focus on supporting and engaging the community encourages cooperation among investors.


  • More Recent Platform: Due to DAO Maker's shorter track record than Polkastarter, investors should use more caution.
  • Projects with a higher risk: Investing in early-stage businesses is inherently riskier than investing in well-established projects.
  • an intricate system of participation: For novices, varying tiers and forms might be perplexing, necessitating thorough study and comprehension.

Achievements in Project Management:

  • Fundraising for Vulcan Forged (PYR): $25 million
  • $18 million has been raised for SuIDPad (SUIP).

3. The PinkSale

  •  Pinksale. finance is a well-known cryptocurrency launchpad that makes it easier for new ventures to enter the exciting world of blockchain. It enables ambitious projects to raise capital through presales, liquidity pools, and token vesting methods. It operates on many chain ecosystems. Although Pinksale has many benefits, a deeper examination reveals a terrain riddled with potential dangers.


    • Availability: Pinksale draws in both new and seasoned investors with its user-friendly layout. The goal of features like KYC integration and "anti-bot" techniques is to provide a secure environment.
    • Adaptability: The platform offers flexible presale setups and tokenomics options to meet the needs of a wide range of projects. Fundraising campaigns can be customized by developers to meet their unique objectives.
    • Community-based: Pinksale fosters a robust community element that enables project teams to interact directly with possible investors. This promotes openness and trust, which may lead to successful launches.
    • Broad range: With support for numerous blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, Pinksale has a wide audience in the cryptocurrency community. Projects can now access a wider range of liquidity pools as a result.


    • Exuberance over substance: The platform's user-friendliness may draw in initiatives with weak foundations. Before taking part in any presale, investors must perform extensive due diligence and thoroughly consider the project's staff, roadmap, and token utility.
    • Competitive Environment: There is fierce rivalry for Pinksale from other well-known launchpads. In order to stand out in this competitive field, projects must attract investors with compelling value propositions amidst a multitude of possibilities.

    Achievements in Project Managemen

    • Phoenix Finance has raised $48.8 million in capital.
    • $47.5 million in funding secured for Meta Shiba
    • $20 million in funds raised for Tamadoge
    • DuckDao Dime has raised $18 million in funding.
    • Funds raised: $17 million for Floki Inu

    4. Advantages of Bull

  • BullPerks IDO Launchpad is unique in the field of cryptocurrency fundraising. It links investors with promising projects across 23 blockchains, including Ethereum and Polygon, in contrast to single-chain platforms. This makes a variety of opportunities available.

    BullPerks puts quality first. Thorough screening guarantees solid foundations, seasoned teams, and well-defined objectives in the projects they initiate. Furthermore, when investors hold more of the platform's native currency, they are rewarded with progressively greater benefits such as exclusive rounds and higher IDO allocations through a tiered structure. With this community-driven approach, users hold the power.

    Achievements in Project Managemen

    • Funds raised: $125 million for ApeSwap (BANA)
    • Step Finance (STEP) has raised $37 million in funding.
    • Fundraising for Vulcan Forged (PYR): $25 million

    5. Pooleez

    Although investing in cryptocurrency at an early level can be intimidating, it also presents profitable opportunities. Through Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), Poolz IDO Launchpad seeks to streamline this process by putting investors in touch with pre-screened projects.

    Poolz is unique in that it prioritizes accessibility and justice. Within a predetermined timescale, their Fixed Swap method guarantees equal token distribution and transparency. Users who possess bigger amounts of $POOLX, the platform's native currency, can choose to guarantee their allocations or participate through a lottery method for lesser contributions. Both seasoned and risk-averse investors can benefit from this tiered strategy.

    Achievements in Project Managemen

    • Hypercycle: Fundraising totaling $8.5 million
    • Funds raised: $7.3 million for ChainGPT
    • Singularity DAO: raised $6.2 million in funding

    6. Trustpad

    With clarity and community, TrustPad IDO Launchpad navigates the frequently confusing world of cryptocurrency fundraising. TrustPad provides access to a wide range of interesting initiatives outside of a particular ecosystem by operating across different blockchains. With representation from chains like Terra, Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, investors have more options and flexibility.

  • TrustPad gives equal weight to accessibility and safety. Projects with strong foundations, seasoned teams, and well-defined objectives are guaranteed by a thorough screening process. For investors looking for high-quality ventures, this reduces risk. TrustPad also provides a tier-based system that is based on its own token, TPAD. Greater rewards, such as exclusive rounds, bigger IDO allocations, and even governance participation, are unlocked at higher tiers. This encourages community involvement and shows loyalty.


    Platform Driven by the Community: A strong focus on community involvement encourages cooperation and mutual achievement.

    Early Entry to High-Quality Initiatives: Before a project is released to the public, committed people can invest in it thanks to a tier system.

    System of Rewarding Activities: The Launchpad Pass system gives decision-making authority and encourages involvement.


    Strict Project Selection: By concentrating on community-backed enterprises, established ventures may be overlooked.

    System of Complex Tiers: For newbies, comprehending several tiers and perks can be difficult.

    Greater Criteria for Participation: Some tiers require participation, which may exclude certain investors 

    Achievements in Project Managemen

    • Funds raised: $125 million for ApeSwap (BANA)
    • Step Finance (STEP) has raised $37 million in funding.
    • Fundraising for Vulcan Forged (PYR): $25 million
    • Funds raised: $18 million for AstroSwap (ASTRO)

    7. The Red Kite

    Red Kite adopts an unconventional strategy, concentrating on IDOs for projects in developing nations and lesser-known markets. For investors looking for high-growth prospects and diversification outside of traditional industries, this platform offers a rare chance.


    Emphasis on Developing Markets: Discover exciting initiatives from various geographies and unexplored markets.

  • Unusual Jewels Above the Hype: Get involved with promising projects before the public notices them.

    High Potential for Growth: Potentially larger gains are offered by early entrance to emerging markets.


    Enhanced Danger: Projects from less well-known markets are by their very nature more volatile and risky.

    Restricted Project Details: Due diligence may necessitate additional work because of information that is not as easily accessible.

    Unpredictable Performance of the Market: Emerging markets may be more vulnerable to unanticipated changes.

    Achievements in Project Management

    8. BSCPad

    By concentrating on projects developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BSCPad carves out a position for itself within the IDO environment. By utilizing BSC's advantages—fast transaction speeds and inexpensive fees—this platform appeals to investors looking for cost-effective access to potential projects.


    BSC Highlight: Join the dynamic DeFi, GameFi, and NFT project ecosystem on BSC.

    Quick and Economical Transactions: For effective participation, take advantage of BSC's quickness and inexpensive rates.

    Selection of Diverse Projects: Get access to a variety of cutting-edge projects using different blockchain applications.


    Restricted Network Range: Promising projects on other established or growing chains are not included in the BSC focus.

     Greater Potential Risk: Compared to more established ventures, early-stage BSC projects are by their very nature riskier.

    Technical Difficulties: Certain investors may find it difficult to understand the features and capabilities that are unique to BSCs.

    Achievement Initiatives

    • AIOZ Network has raised $27 million in funding.
    • $22 million has been raised for WeWay.
    • $19 million in funds raised for GameZone

    9. Avalaunch

    In the IDO space, Avalaunch Launchpad forges a distinct route. In order to ensure strong integration and take advantage of its quick, scalable network, it firstly runs exclusively on the Avalanche blockchain. This indicates that Avalaunch initiatives give investors targeted exposure because they are specially designed for the Avalanche ecosystem.

    Fairness and accessibility are given top priority by Avalaunch thanks to its dual-IDO mechanism. This method provides two distinct rounds: a Gold Staker IDO that is only available to long-term XAVA stakers, and a Community IDO that is open to anybody with staked XAVA tokens. This tiered strategy allows both novice and experienced investors to join while striking a balance between inclusion and rewarding devoted supporters.

    Successful Initiatives

    • Colony: raised $27 million in funding
    • Funds raised $22 million for Crabada (CRA)
    • Fundraising for Pangolin (PNG): $19 million

    10. Swap Trust

    Beyond just participating in IDOs, TrustSwap provides a full DeFi platform with a variety of functions, including launchpad access, farming, and staking. Investors looking for additional ways to generate income in addition to exposure to promising early-stage enterprises will find this multidimensional strategy appealing.


    Beyond IDOs: To optimize token returns, utilize several DeFi methods such as yield farms and staking pools.

  • ·         Fundraising for CryptoZoon (ZOON): $8 million

  • ·         Fundraising for PolkaBridge (POLX): $12 million

  • ·         Funds raised: $17 million for Earn Network (EARN).

  • Priority Project Access: Before a venture is publicly launched, take part in IDOs for promising enterprises to perhaps secure bigger earnings.

    Increasing variety: Integrate IDO prospects with additional DeFi tactics to create a diverse investment portfolio.


    Intricacy: For new users, navigating through the different features and tactics may be difficult.

    Increased Danger: Compared to more established ventures, early-stage IDO projects are by nature riskier. 

    Platform Charges: IDO and DeFi feature combined fees may have an impact on total profitability. 


    It is evident that IDO launchpads have changed the face of cryptocurrency financing. They enable initiatives and investors by providing accessibility and openness. On the one hand, initiatives avoid middlemen and open up worldwide participation by gaining instant liquidity and community involvement. However, investors have first access to tokens that have the potential for significant development along with the security of transparent on-chain transactions.

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