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Progeny of Gaming is on its Way: Gaming in the Metaverse


Well, we have already seen and know that gaming has always been a chief candidate for VR ( commonly known as virtual reality). those immersive 2D games, for example Mine craft and second life are now the incorporated elements of the upcoming Metaverse like 3D avatars, building a separate world or the observation of gameplay.


Tech giants like meta and similar others have started attempting to build an universe or more like a virtual universe in virtual reality, people can do anything as they can do in real life.


As per a survey, about 59% of the industry experts are of the view that gaming will be dominating VR investments approximately for the next few years. And looking at the recent trends of gaming industry which is registering a CAGR of 9.6% over 2021-2026; so 64% of the industry experts also said that the gaming industry have the highest potential to be benefited from VR among all the other cases.   


What does Gaming in Metaverse Means?

The recent hot topic metaverse can also be defined as a unified and interoperable virtual reality (VR) space where users can connect with one another in the digital world around them with the help of an  advanced human-computer interaction ( mostly known as HCI) hardware and software.

This takes the VR gaming into a magnificent and unbelievable new heights. Well now, the VR gameplay is only available on standalone applications on PC’s which you can install on your desktop, VR gear or on your personal mobiles as well to involve yourself in an immersive rendition of traditional video games as well. Mainly the difference is that as the in-game universe now appears as a three-dimensional in the world of VRwhere you can view in 360-degrees and almost “touch” through a realistic sense of perception.

The word Metaverse was first coined in the year 1992 in a science fiction novel called “Snow Crash”. it postulates that you could also connect multiple VR games or any VR application or space to create interoperable environment for users. They would also be able to navigate both in and out of the gaming applications, and will also be able to interact with the same players in multiple outer spaces.How metaverse in changing the gaming industry?

About this context, gaming will have the following characteristics:

  • Games and their platforms – The experience in gaming will turn very flexible. The gaming Users can also add to the virtual world, create content of their own, they can also build sub games  within a game, and essentially treat the gaming environment as a platform .
  • Gaming socially – The metaverse is innatelysocial,it is a trait that sets it apart from all the traditional solitary virtual reality (VR) experience. Multi-player gaming will also take on an additional positive stroke as the players will be able to send invitation to their friends who are obviously from the real world, and will also be able to interact with other players, build gaming relationships, etc.
  • Play and earn   this is one of the most essentials for playing games in the metaverse. Apart from all the rules and the storytelling elements, the player will also be able to earn and get engaged in different profitable activities.
  • High possibility of portable game assets – the design and  architecture of the metaverse could also allow the possibility to use game assets. Weapons or the avatar could be portable to a different level of environment and also the NFT ( known as the non fungible token) rules would govern the ownership.

Recent Outlook of the Gaming Industry

Gaming is one of the lucrative industry under the sub category of media and entertainment sector. According to the KPMG report, the online gaming market has risen from US $870 million in 2019 to over $1 billion as of today. In recent years when the pandemic destroyed several industries, Indian gaming industry have witnessed a massive growth . According to business wire, the Indian gaming market was estimated to be valued at USD 1.89 Billion in the year 2020 And it is expected to reach USD 4.01 billion by the year 2026. This industry has seen a massive growth. But the constrain of this industry is its manpower.


Well, after looking at the immense requirement of the manpower and for keeping a pace for the upcoming new innovations and with the competitive ecosystem , Red Apple Learning have initiated in AR, VR, Metaverse and game engineering which offers a wide range of opportunities for students and also for  the job aspirants.  In the next few years the game development is and will still be the highest paying and also a well demanding job prospect will be there. There are several game designing coursewhere learning will be very easy and will also have lots of  future prospects.

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